it’s fall, y’all. that beautiful season of life with vibrant hues, rich textures, crackling bonfires, and sticky s’mores. i dream about such conditions to become a reality.

as i sit here patiently longing for these things, i know that i am using this visual imagery to sustain me here deep…

How often do we read things and then leave them with no other thought to follow up or use for purposeful application?

I have one of those daily calendars that has a tear-off quote each day. There are many days I forget or overlook it and move on with no…

Have no doubt, there will be at least one “Taylor” that comes into your life.


There is a great discussion right now among educators and leaders through various platforms regarding the strategic importance to build trusting relationships in order to help our students feel safe and secure as we return…

Have you ever observed young children build with Lego-type blocks and wondered how they decide to make their structures?

At the beginning of every new school year, one of my favorite activities is to give small groups of students a pile of these multi-colored, well-loved, and treasured toys.

They sit…

should it stay or should it go? that is the question.

as i start the task of cleaning out my closet, it’s quite rewarding.

there is a thrilling charge of adrenaline that floods my neurological system as i begin the arduous process of tossing out or donating items that no longer serve me well. …

Jillian DuBois

Elementary Educator from Tampa Bay, FL. Recovering Overthinker. Author • Illustrator • Publisher. Optimistic Originator of Imparted Joy LLC

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